Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Auction Finds

I've been going to auctions for a few months now getting butcher supplies for our hog processing we do every winter.  The town we moved to has an annual 4-H auction which we were lucky enough to attend this past weekend.

There were a number of things I would have loved to have purchased, but we aren't wanting for much right now so we only came home with a few things.

Apple Peeler
Small Cast Pot

2 10-Hole Nest Boxes
The plan is to sell the other nest box on Craigslist.  Each one can handle about 50 birds, and I don't plan on having more than 50.

Large Butcher Kettle
I already have 2 nice kettles, and I really wanted a small one this time.  There is surface rust and only a small amount of pitting.  This will clean up nicely and the price was perfect.  I'll try to post pictures from the cleaning process in a few weeks.  Once restored I might sell this one to get a smaller kettle.

Lard Can
I can never find a lard can when I need it.  Now I'll have an extra.

Hand Slicer
We have a huge Hobart slicer that weighs about 80 pounds.  It stinks to get it out from the shop every time we want to slice cheese or lunch meat.  I figured this might be easier, but we shall see once we put it to use.  If it doesn't work - off to Craigslist.

Bantam Olde English - 1 Cock, 1 Hens
The kids thought they were cute.  We used to have some but they got picked off by hawks.  Hopefully these can stick around for a bit.

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